2018 Campaign

Below is the list of my 2018 charity bike rides. 1500 miles and  two mount Everests  worth of climbs in 6 segments for 6 different causes along with my pledge goals.  There is a very personal reason for each one of them, an aunt sorely missed, a friend fighting a good fight, a co-worker hoping for the best, a little child struggling with  things she should never be.  Perhaps some have special meanings for you as well.

Please click on causes below  to learn more, and consider  supporting my fundraising effort, to hopefully change a life for better.  As always, I pay for all my expenses, so anything you can spare goes directly to your selected cause as it will be indicated on your receipt and gives me the boost that I need to complete these challenges….. Thank You.

To learn more about this effort, please use the menu above to go to pages of interest.

Total Funds Raised / Goal = $4,600 / $4,500
Mileage Completed / Goal = 1500 / 1500 Miles
Ride Across Britain for Cure Leukaemia
8 Sep – 1000 miles
$3,000 / $3,000
Lymphoma Autism
21 Jul – 150 miles  3 Aug – 107 miles
$619 / $500
$706 / $500
Child Abuse
5 May – 43 miles
$275 / $500
Charity Ride Events with direct funding (no fundraising)
Free Clinic of Powhattan 29 Apr – 100 Miles – COMPLETED
Renewing Homes of Greater Augusta 16 Jun – 100 Miles – COMPLETED